Insurance Claims

Working with EPIK and your Insurance Carrier

The immediate aftermath of storm damage to your home can be devastating and stressful. And while filing a claim with your insurance company is simple, it’s not always a guarantee that the adjuster will approve your claim and cover all of your required damage.

Our staff has deep industry knowledge and experience working with insurance companies – and we put that experience to work for you. We are well-versed in industry standards and guidelines and can help you through the insurance claims process. We carefully document all the damage we find and provide you with a report and pictures our inspection results. We will also meet with your adjuster to inspect the roof and make sure they do a thorough review, considering hail, wind and other causes of damage. We highlight the areas of concerns, discuss repair and replacement considerations, and ensure every detail is considered so that you receive the highest quality roof, interior restoration and other necessary repairs.
Filing a Claim
Filing an insurance claim may be intimidating for some, especially if it's your first time filing. With EPIK there is no reason to worry. We will work closely with you to help make the process simple, streamlined and understandable. Our staff of specialists are well-versed in roofing, city code and state defined rules, regulations, guidelines and standards. Our deep knowledge and expertise allows us to ensure that your insurance provider considers all damage and repair needs of your home. We are here to consult with you so that your repairs are thorough and meet the highest standards for quality material and workmanship. We won’t cut corners for the sake of the insurance company. We work for you as your advocate.
Codes & Standards
Even though all city codes must be followed to during repairs or modifications to your home, you’d be surprised how many contractors and insurance companies overlook these legal requirements – YES, even your insurance company. At EPIK we stay current on all codes and ensure your insurance company adheres to your city’s guidelines with proper inclusion in your claim. For reference, in the local DFW area most of the cities follow IRC (International Residential Code) 2006 or 2012. Don’t allow your contractor to side-step these critical requirements. They are there for your protection and to ensure quality materials and workmanship are used in your home repair/improvement project.